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It's all right over there. This is a three-page .pdf consisting of nothing more than cropped versions of the images right over there. Each one of those images is a larger file than the .pdf. So, that's something! There are no community copies for this one, since the full text of the game is right there

The complete game text follows...

This is a Chair
Use it to Make Dreams

Player Needs ~

Something to write with.
Something to write on.
1 six-sided die. (Probably.)
One or more other players. (Maybe.)

Start writing things down.

(A) Roll 1d6. Your character is ~

  1. A human being.
  2. Something similar in some ways to a human being ~ but not.
  3. A creature you are familiar with in some way ~ but not a human being.
  4. A plant.
  5. A lot of somethings, whatever that means. Maybe a robot.
  6. Other.

Begin imagining things.

(B) Roll 1d6. Your character spends time ~

  1. Kindness.
  2. Causing trouble.
  3. Seeking.
  4. Flying/Swimming.
  5. Cooking/Making.
  6. Setting.

Continue imagining things.

(C) Roll 1d6. The world is ~

  1. Hazy & teal.
  2. Controlled by fruit.
  3. Workplace childhood.
  4. Every town + an el Dorado, who is no there for you.
  5. Two-dimensional.
  6. Prismatic glassware.


(D) Roll 1d6. You meet ~

  1. Nobody, but you know you will if you turn around.
  2. An animal.
  3. People almost identical to people you know.
  4. Starship people made of aromas.
  5. Plants.
  6. The Others.

What do you do?

(E) Roll 1d6.

  1. Yes!
  2. No!
  3. Zoom!
  4. Fall!
  5. Rise!
  6. Love!

Write it all down, as you remember.

(F) Roll 1d6.

  1. Reroll on A-E.
  2. Reroll on B-E.
  3. Reroll on C-E.
  4. Reroll on D & E.
  5. Reroll on E.
  6. Wake.

-Shannon McMaster


this chair is a hammer for dreams~

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorShannon McMaster


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