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Erratum! See the end of the description. 

Listen to me talk about it on Wobbies & Wizards below the erratum.


What's a mage? Someone who deals with magic.


What's a mook? Anyone else... mechanics, fixers, tramps and thieves.

What you will get: a game build around a magic system that answers my question: what if magic is not a natural resource, not a technology, and seems to actively resent being wielded?

What I hope you get: a good time playing characters who really just do things with magic, or help those loons.

What's in the book: rules for dealing with magic, chargen guidance, and some implied ideas about how to flavor your adventures.

What you can expect: magic is difficult to deal with, with great power comes remarkable opportunities, resource management and thinking about the risks of wielding magic.

How do I imagine you'll play: however you want... strip out the bits you like & drop them into your own game or play your favorite adventures with these guidelines or make up things as you go along with lots of mages or lots of mooks or a mix... I made an effort to make both character types enjoyable. Though, honestly, most of the rules are about dealing with magic.

Erratum: when building a mage, start with 1d4 + 4 magic points. 

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AuthorShannon McMaster
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