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You are a head! You are a head with psychic powers! You are carried around by an animated shamble that you created and control with psychic powers! 

If your game has rules for psychic powers, bolt this playable character class on as a separate system! If your game does not, then use these to introduce them to your game!

Being a Head with Psychic Powers

You are a head, and have all of the senses a head has. You have to eat and drink, and when you do eat and drink, nobody knows where that stuff goes when you swallow. Your hair grows as normal, and you lost your baby teeth just like your non-psychic-head siblings did. Psychic heads are a character type, not a heritage. Psychic heads are born into ordinary families of any heritage–if your game has heritages like elves or gnomes or whatever–and it is not that big a deal. 

You have some psychic powers. The list of possible psychic powers, and what they do, is shown below. How powerful they are is determined by the power’s score. Which powers you have, and how to determine those scores is explained after this list.  

(See the full list in the PDF.)

  • Mind-reading (you “hear” other people’s thoughts; you can listen to one person’s thoughts for your score number of minutes; you cannot do anything else while listening; you can choose one person, and cannot change people–one person per instance of use)
  • Mind-talking (you can place your thoughts in other people’s heads with the same restrictions as Mind-reading)
  • Telekinesis (you can manipulate objects up to the weight in pounds/equivalent kilograms of your score at a distance of your score yards/meters as long as the object is visible to you)
  • Astral Projection (you can project your consciousness to a distance of your score x 10 miles/equivalent kilometers for up to your score minutes; you can project your consciousness instantly during this time, or at any pace you choose, and you can move your consciousness around the location as if you were physically present, as well as through obstructions and objects; you are aware of the location with all of your senses; during this time you are unconscious/asleep; your physical head cannot take any other action, cannot speak, cannot control your animated shamble; if there is psychic/supernatural activity where you astral project yourself, you are aware of it and can describe it when you return to consciousness even if you do not have Sensitivity)

That's just a sample of the text! See the whole thing! Download the full PDF!

Challenge rolls explained!

(generally, a 2d6+7 score vs a 3d8 challenge roll,
psychic powers are unreliable)

Combat discouraged!

Guidance on "don't be a jerk!"

Image source: https://www.oldbookillustrations.com/illustrations/witchs-head/

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