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Not that long ago we were all up in that ‘bugbears… hire ‘em to mess someone up, but they can only really be relied on to mess you up’ thing. There were more of us on the team then. Kinda liked it, really… but… it’s… limiting… But the betrayers and the betrayed ~ clashed. That never’d go so good for anyone. We knew eventually, it wouldn’t go so good for us… and eventually it didn’t. We… shared… something… when we were dead. Then we weren’t dead. Well… Grutug was still dead ~ the way we understand dead. The rest of us? Different, somehow. Still dedicated to our bugbearness. Yeah. And…  more… we… I… The Great God is nameless, and has… all the faces. We talked when we were dead. Now we do our best.


There aren’t a lot more words in the rest of the document. They’re guidance on how to stat up a team of 4 helpful bugbears. The user for this one-sheet is “take the parameters & and make it my own.” Probably a referee of some type. Note: this is a magic-heavy group of characters.

The full document gives you the four team-member's names, their roles in the team, and generic class/level information for you to build interesting NPCs to drop into your game (or even have your players use), no matter what trad-ish fantasy game you play.


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