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Ever want to play a possum? Ever want to play intelligent adventure gear? Why not both?

This is a playable character notion which combines an intelligent sword and a regular old Greater Possum, which sounds like something, but it's a actually just a possum.

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. It's a bit silly, but it's sincere.


You are a possum, raised in the fields skirting the forest. People of various kin lived in settlements not far from your home. You were raised to avoid those places, and to avoid people of various kin. Some of them see your kind as vermin, as pests to be eliminated on sight. Some see your kind as food, which is not a big difference, really. Some did see your kind as kin, or nearly so. They left you to your omnivorous ways, and to your seasonal festivals. You are a greater possum. Your community is a grand nest, a network of dens and burrows running along the boundary between field and forest, and there are about a hundred possum kin in the grand nest. There are many, many more common possums, uncountable in their hundreds in the fields and forests, with many, many living on their own in the wild places, and even scrounging a living in the nooks and alleys of the settlements of the various kin. Many are intermingled with greater possums in the grand nest.


You are sword and knapsack. Together you are an intelligent being in the world. When sword is separated from knapsack you lose your selfhood, merely sword and merely knapsack. When together, but not born by a living creature of intelligence, you yearn for adventure, and your yearning calls nearby creatures to pick you up. Those who pick you up find they have a new way of life, and the longer they bear you the more clearly you and your ranging partner understand each other.

Playing a character like this one should be a constant struggle for the player to balance the community-maintenance urges of the greater possum with the adventuring urges of the sword and knapsack...

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AuthorShannon McMaster
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